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Eye-tracking and the science of attention in Digital Marketing

A scientific approach can help brands and creative professionals reach new levels of success. While the more artistic types might follow their intuition and personal criteria, today’s attention spans, algorithms, and platforms require the winning combination of art and technology. Simply put, among thousands of options fighting for it, users know the value of their […]


Synapbox: Wielding the power of technology to build Brand Love

For decades, creators of all kinds have used practice, theory and the magic of trial and error to achieve better results in the form of an admiring, loyal audience (Brand Love, to use a modern term) or beloved products that improve thousands of lives. Today, top brands use new tools to speed up that process […]


How can brands now leverage technology to create attention grabbing content?

Almost all brands have a clear understanding of their target customer. However, understanding this is not necessarily enough to create effective content and advertising. The real challenge is measuring the impact of that content on consumers and finding out if the brand’s message is resonating with consumers. There are increasing points of contact between brands […]

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