Youtube Ads Leaderboard 2022: Best practices to ensure your ads’ success on the platform

Best practices to make your ads succeed on Youtube (with examples from top performers)

Every single day, over 100 million active users watch content on Youtube. As a marketer that wants to reach more consumers, you can’t ignore this platform’s power. In addition to mere exposure, there’s a science to grabbing viewers’ attention and engaging them during these valuable seconds.

To help you with this, Synapbox uses technology to understand how people engage with the content. Look at the results of a recent study where we measured the top campaign ads that ran on YouTube Connected TV screens. Discover the best practices we learned from analyzing the audience’s response.

How did we do it?

As hundreds of participants watch the ads, we identify their emotional reactions to find the highs and lows of excitement, interest, and connection. Biometric technology, AI, and surveys help us get the most actionable insights. In this case, we tested 6 videos with 300 participants using facial coding, object labeling, surveys, and eye and attention tracking.

YouTube Ad Leaderboard overall score by Synapbox

The six tested ads performed well compared to the market average. But what exactly makes them compelling? In which areas are they lacking impact, and what are some of the elements that stood out?

  • Testimonials proved to be engaging conveyors of credibility.
  • Product shots with a surprising quality generated interest and purchase intention.
  • Flamboyant characters can distract the audience from the brand and message.
  • Reducing the brand’s presence or limiting it to the end negatively impacts recall.

Best performer: St. Jude Children’s

St. Jude Children’s is an outstanding video with superior performance to the benchmark. While it includes a heavy topic, how the testimonials are presented helps convey the message. There is room for improvement in Attractiveness, Brand Appeal, and Identification.

The emotional impact increases throughout the storyline, which indicates an engaging ad. The willingness to donate or support the brand suggests that the CTA is compelling. Similarly, this ad was considered honest due to the sincere tone of the testimonials.

Want to start optimizing your content strategies? Contact us to access the interactive data in our platform and discover how you can leverage Synapbox today.

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