The Super Bowl Ads review that every marketer needs to read in 2021

The week after the Super Bowl is one of the most exciting weeks of the year for the Synapbox team. As millions of viewers continue to discuss the highlights of the game and the halftime show, we dive deeper into the world’s emotional reactions to the hugely anticipated Ads.

Synapbox’s yearly study of Super Bowl Ads

2021 is the third year we’ve analyzed the Super Bowl Ads to find qualitative and quantitative insights about the year’s top advertising trends. Here’s how we do it:

Our AI-powered content testing platform uses biometric technology to analyze viewers’ emotional reactions in real-time as they engage with the content. We do this 100% remotely through any device with a front-facing camera, in an opt-in process that brings agility & data depth to market research.

Our platform can reach hundreds of targeted viewers (for this particular study, audiences in the US). Through our holistic methodology, we gather detailed data about the second-by-second, element-by-element reactions to the Ads with the help of eye-tracking and object labeling. In addition to that, we complement this information with the rational responses of viewers in personalized surveys.

Why we do this

Super Bowl Ads are a fantastic source of insights about market trends. Every year we discover new surprising reactions from audiences, but in 2021, the science of content testing is particularly important to understand the right balance of effective branding, messaging, and engagement. As marketers face new challenges during a pandemic and consumers get smarter and more demanding, market research innovation will be front and center in the creative process.

For this reason, the combination of remote content testing and agility to get high-quality results in less than a week is becoming essential for top brands. To show the potential of this technology, we share our yearly Super Bowl findings with brands and content creators that are looking for inspiration.

Interested in discovering this year’s insights?

Stay tuned to our future articles and reports (soon!). We will offer our readers and clients the most important findings from Ads in these categories: Alcoholic – Beers, Financial Services, Food – Chips, Auto Industry, Ads that used influencers & brands that were new to the Super Bowl, in addition to interesting reviews of the most controversial Ads.
For now, check out the first preliminary analysis, explained directly from Synapbox visualization platform:

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