Synapbox: Wielding the power of technology to build Brand Love

For decades, creators of all kinds have used practice, theory and the magic of trial and error to achieve better results in the form of an admiring, loyal audience (Brand Love, to use a modern term) or beloved products that improve thousands of lives. Today, top brands use new tools to speed up that process in Digital and Traditional Marketing, and what used to be in the hands of creative genius and intuition can now be refined through technology.

You might wonder, how can a cold technological method reach the deeper human aspects of love and other intense emotions that drive behavior? Through a holistic approach, Synapbox’s methodology can help your brand gather detailed, data-based insights that go beyond theories or trends. How does it work?

What is Synapbox?

Synapbox is a platform that allows brands and companies to test their content’s performance with hundreds of consumers in less than 72 hours. With a method that includes biometric technology and visual computing, your brand can use new insights to modify existing content and create effective content in the most optimal way in the future.

Instead of producing an ad, commercial or any type of branded content and waiting for your audience’s general response (an unnecessary risk for your company’s ROI), your brand can utilize the second-by-second, element-by-element data about consumers’ emotional journey and reactions while viewing your content.

Our Methodology

Traditional focus groups are flawed due to basic human tendencies like groupthink and peer pressure. These social behaviors, while perfectly normal, can contaminate the group’s responses and your insights. On the other hand, our technology can help you reach a lot more consumers in a lot less time, while digging deeper into the emotional responses of each consumer in real time, comparing those results with their conscious responses in surveys and brand KPIs.

Take a look at each part of the process:

Real Time Emotional Response: Emotional Responses go beyond the general results of traditional focus groups by connecting the emotional response to a specific moment in a commercial or ad. In this way, you can find out what are the highlights of the piece, and use them for Social Media Marketing, trailers or teasers.

Automated Object Labelling: With Object Labelling we can determine not only the seconds in which a positive or negative response was found, but also the specific element in the image (character, color, product) that triggered the response. Any weak spots or unnecessary bits can be found this way, allowing you to create a much more engaging experience for your audience.

Eye and Attention Tracking: By detecting and tracking the consumer’s eye movements, we can find out what scene or element catches or loses the viewer’s attention. Similarly, we can know exactly what part of the screen the viewer is focusing on at all times, creating a heatmap that you can use to create effective visual compositions for your ads, commercials or product placements.

Surveys and brand KPIs: After gathering this data, it’s also important to consider the conscious responses of each consumer. This determines their general assessment of the experience, the way in which they might relate or recommend the product to others, and their intention of purchase.

Brand Love & Technology

Whether you need to test an ad for Social Media, a commercial for Youtube or TV, or a pilot for a streaming platform, emotions are at the core of engagement and retention. At Synapbox, we measure emotional impact through the analysis of Emotional Arousal, the ability to take the participants out of their neutral emotional state, and Emotional Valence, which measures the fluctuation of emotional states.

Aside from providing you with this data to help you reach your own conclusions, we add a list of recommendations to improve your content in specific ways. If we find, for instance, that the peak of emotional impact happens during the second half of the piece, a clear suggestion to improve performance on Social Media is to start strong (in less than 5 seconds), adapting the content and the story to retain viewers and prevent them from skipping the ad before the most emotionally engaging part.

This is only the beginning. Instead of letting your company’s investments stay in the hands of chance and trends, join Synapbox as we shape the future of market research.

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