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The Latino Pulse on Super Bowl Ads
Latino Media Benchmark - First Edition
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Latinos in Sports

Super Bowl LVIII made history with over 123 million viewers. We tested 30 of the $7 million per 30-second slot ads to launch the first ad performance measurement focused on the Latino/Hispanic audience, which represents over 30 million fans, according to the NFL.

This performance analysis aims to understand how this vibrant demographic connects with sports-related media and identifies best practices for brands and the sports industry to gain insights into their preferences and behaviors.

latino in sport
Latino Media Benchmark

Existing media measurement methods lack specific benchmarks and technologies suitable for understanding the Latino audience.

By establishing these standards and recognizing the diversity of Latino consumer reactions, brands are empowered to enhance the precision and relevance of their marketing strategies and outcomes.

Synapbox’s Measurement
How do we do it?

By collecting and identifying the emotional reactions of hundreds of consumers as they watch an ad, we are able to identify the peaks and dives of emotions like excitement, interest, and connection.

The combination of biometric technology, rational responses, content tagging, and AI has become the standard for content testing among leading brands across various industries.

methodology 1
methodology 1
Content Tagging
methodology 1
methodology 1
What We Tested
2,300 Consumers
30 Super Bowl Ads
Sample Characteristics
What is your gender?
What is your ethnic background?
How old are you?
Latino/Hispanic Spotlight
Key components to understand Latino/Hispanic demographics
Country of Birth
Spoken Languages
Current Location
Language Relevance
Tested Ads
Top consumer industries with over 20 minutes of content analyzed
Food & Snacks
Alcoholic Beverages
Non Alcoholic Beverages
Latino/Hispanic Statistics
Out of the 30 tested Ads
Latino/Hispanic Representation
Zoom In:
7 Ads with main characters
Mountain Dew
Dunkin’ Donuts
Michelob Ultra
3 Ads with Spanglish
Michelob Ultra
1 Ad with music
Latino/Hispanic Main Characters
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Main Insights Covered:
What are the key elements that engage Latinos
How to enhance consumer measurement with the Latino Media Benchmark
Which brands did it best in this year's Super Bowl
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Claudia Romo Edelman
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Cristina de la Peña
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