How Object Labelling can predict your branded content’s success

What makes or breaks a piece of content? And how can you accurately identify what that is? Let’s say that you worked hard to create a fantastic sponsored video to promote your new product, but it didn’t get the positive response you expected. What do you do? Giving up on the whole idea can be a little drastic, but figuring out what worked and what needs to be discarded is also a daunting task. A better idea is to stop speculating: discover how object labelling increases accuracy and predictability when it comes to optimizing your branded content.

What is Object Labelling?

With the help of eye-tracking and emotional response measurements, Synapbox’s platform uses automated object labelling to track each element on the screen and follow its performance in real time as targeted viewers watch your video. In an AI-powered process that is done 100% remotely, you can find the patterns of positive or negative reactions related to specific elements, like your product, your main characters and your CTA, and their ability to capture or lose the viewer’s attention.

How to use it to improve your content

When people watch your Ad, your commercial or your TV pilot, what are they actually focusing on? While knowing that they’re watching is great, this metric stays on the surface. Synapbox’s methodology helps you dig deeper into your audience’s real emotional experience, and one layer of this experience is the viewer’s connection with the different elements that appear on the screen at the same time. Why is it important to know what exact object are they focusing on at each second? What kind of patterns can you discover with this data?

– By noticing that 80% of viewers are ignoring how the character uses your product in the commercial, you can do something about it before releasing it. This can help you gather practical insights like: “Remove distracting elements from Scene 3” or “Add a close-up of the product before the climax”.

– By discovering that, during the viewing of a TV pilot, 70% of the audience is more drawn to one particular character, you can improve the trailer, promotional images and more. These findings help you notice important information that was previously overlooked: “The most engaging character is absent in the trailer. Add more scenes that include him to attract more viewers.”

These are just a few examples, but the number of insights that can be gathered with this holistic methodology are countless and invaluable for top brands.

Following the momentum of success

From successful streaming services to thriving beer companies, every brand needs to evolve along with their audience. So when a piece of content is successful, you naturally want to recreate that success and build on it in the future. Of course, you cannot do exactly the same thing next time. You may intuitively use the same character and location, but switch up the music and storyline, only to find that you were not able to reproduce the positive reactions you got before. What happened?

Well, you only used your instincts instead of analyzing what truly hooked and compelled your audience. The good news is, you can start optimizing your content creation right now. Speeding up the trial and error process, and moving beyond traditional focus groups and ordinary A/B testing with the help of AI.

To maximize content ROI, your brand can complement the boldness of experimentation and risk-taking with the accuracy and data depth of Synapbox’s platform.

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