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Everything around us is media & content

The challenge for brands is to cut through the noise, and deliver relevant, engaging content to their audiences. Synapbox knows how to solve this problem.

How we solve the problem

Synapbox combines four layers of data points and provides an analytics platform powered by A.I and biometric technologies to give brands the knowledge on what drives consumer engagement.


Automated object and message detection


Real time emotional response


Eye and attention tracking


Surveys and rational responses

A tailored solution for each type of content

Whether you need to measure the impact of your Ads, understand which parts of your content will amaze your viewers, or figure out how to design the perfect package, Synapbox can help you:

Synapbox Advertising

Digital & Traditional media

Measure the impact of your advertising and the relevance of your contents.

Performance marketing

Understand which creative elements and messages are correlating with good acquisition performance. Improve the ROI of your campaigns.

Synapbox Entertainment

Branded content

Measure the impact of your branded content strategies, and how your brand and message are performing.

Pilots & trailers

Measure engagement levels of movie and TV show trailers. Create the most impactful content to attract viewers.

Synapbox Retail

Packaging & labels

Understand what is the optimal, most impactful message and design structure for your product’s packages and labels.

POP materials and displays

Understand the effectiveness of the message and the design structure of your brand’s POP materials and its impact in a shelf scenario.

How Synapbox Works

We collect quality insights on the exact moment that your consumers interact with your contents, and we do it remotely and at scale. Our methodology cuts through the noise and gives context to the data that you need to make better content creation decisions.

Any type of content at any stage of development

Test videos or images at any stage of the creation cycle: Mockups, prototypes, animatics or finished pieces.

Powerful Biometric + Rational data points

Different layers of consumers biometric and rational data points to understand and improve your content’s performance.

KPI’s to understand how to improve your content

Understand the brand, message and design performance of your content, and their impact on engagement levels.

A.I. Content Optimization

Access our dashboards and reports to understand the correlations and patterns between the biometric and rational data that is affecting your content. Get learnings, best practices and industry benchmarks to have a 360º understanding on how to create the most engaging, impactful content for your brand.

The customer journey today is getting increasingly sophisticated.

Brands are competing to capture the attention and engagement of consumers. The success of their companies depend on this.

24 Consumer Touchpoints

Brands need to adapt to never-ending new consumer touchpoints.

400 hrs

Of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Is your brand getting enough attention?


Of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are treated.

Is your brand learning about its consumers?

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