Why AI-powered A/B testing is the future of personalized content

A/B testing is a fantastic way to improve your content, but overcrowded digital landscapes and the high expectations of audiences require a deeper approach to this method in 2021. Instead of testing the efficacy of two versions of images or videos to find the best one, today’s brands can test different layers of their content. This includes detailed insights about content attributes like story, duration, characters, music, typography, graphics, and more.

How does it work? And how can you apply this technology to your unique brand?

Metrics that go deeper
As audiences get smarter and more vocal, brands can save time and resources by analyzing their layered reactions to their content. Synapbox’s content testing platform uses the power of AI and biometric technology to review the emotional responses of hundreds of viewers as they watch your content. To learn more about how this technology works, read our articles about eye-tracking and object labelling!

For now, take a look at three of these layers:

Brand performance
Understand your brand’s performance throughout your content, and how it affects important metrics like Recall and Equity. What kind of insights can you get from this analysis?

Example: Over 71% of participants engaged visually with the brand during the time it was exposed. The content built a strong association with the brand, which resulted in a Brand Recall score of 99%.

Message performance
Find evidence that confirms if your content is truly persuading your audience and communicating the right message.

Example 1: “The message had a medium Message Relevance score of 75pts. Purchase Intention remained high which indicates a high intent to take the next step.”

Example 2: “This Ad is expected to be found in online channels such as Facebook and YouTube, which would generate Likes but would not encourage a higher level of involvement.”

Engagement and storytelling
Get insights into your audience engagement with your story and how it affects overall performance.

Example: “Emotional Arousal was moderate during the first half of the Ad and increased to a high level in the second half. Scene #2 had the highest moment of Surprise for the entire video, and Scene #4 stimulated a spike of negative emotions”

Different platforms, different behaviors
Just as it’s a mistake to post the exact same Ad in different countries, failing to adapt to the unique style of each platform is a disservice to users: the way we interact with content on Youtube is a lot different from the way we use Instagram stories. In addition to that, this understanding of user experience can be combined with the valuable info found in targeted countries and multifaceted demographic groups…

How your content performs in different countries
Personalized content is the future of digital marketing. Brands that are still looking for a universal message that will resonate with everyone are missing out on the richness of a unique point of view. As brands are able to reach huge audiences around the world, cultural differences also need to be taken into account.

Of course, not all brands can produce entirely different campaigns for each country. Instead of doing that, AI can help content creators learn how to edit, modify and enhance their existing content to adapt to each country’s data-based preferences.

Example 1: The call to action fell short in all tested countries. Most participants focused on the visual elements of the ad, but not on the CTA to download it.

Example 2: The US and Brazil samples presented the highest purchase intention (+23%) among millennials.

*Real data obtained from an A/B testing study performed simultaneously in five countries, including USA and four LATAM countries for an e-commerce brand.

With all of this in mind, are you willing to go back to the traditional A/B test? Then it’s a great time to learn more about Synapbox’s content testing platform!

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