How to test your marketing campaigns concepts and mood boards to maximize ROI

Future-oriented marketers need to test and optimize concepts and moodboards for their campaigns and make sure energy and resources are used effectively. Before diving head-in into an expensive content creation production that might fail, they need to make sure they’re tackling the content and the concept with the most potential.

Campaign Concepts and Moodboards in Marketing

Mood boards are a fun part of marketing campaigns, social media strategies, or video production planning. But marketers can make the mistake of confusing their excitement with their audience’s potential interest in the concept. That’s why it’s important to test your concepts not only with your audience in mind but with your actual audience and real consumers’ emotional reactions to the material. This helps you choose the right statements and the most attractive visual resources for the campaign.

Asking questions to understand the impact of the colors, characters, mood, and atmosphere is important, but don’t forget to also ask yourself the hard questions: What is its purpose? What need is it meant to fulfill? What passion point is it addressing? To bring your wild idea down to earth, you need to find out if your audience understands and recalls the concept.

After building the mood boards and hypothesizing about the concept, it’s hard to decide which path to take and which data points to review to understand if it’s working. Synapbox can help you test your mood boards and concepts before starting the most expensive part of the production, so you can be sure that you’re putting your time and resources into the option that will bring the best ROI.

How do you know if your concept is solid?

Whether it’s for a new ad, a new product, or a new branded content strategy, explaining it quickly and effectively will get your idea backed by others. Here are some tips to build a solid concept:

– Let’s say you have a fantastic idea, but nobody understands it once you explain it to them. You might feel disappointed and think that there’s something wrong with the idea itself, but a lot of times the real problem is the way that you explain it. Try different iterations and test the results!

– The concept, aside from being practical by tackling an important issue, has to be attractive and entertaining.

– What makes you and your brand the right fit for this idea? The idea might be great, but you have to integrate it with the overall TOV and identity of your brand. Your idea has to sound like the missing piece in the puzzle.

How the Synapbox platform tests a concept with the help of AI

Synapbox has helped many clients understand the power of their communication and concepts by evaluating their mood boards with the help of AI and biometric technology. Let’s talk about a real example! We tested 800 participants in the US, in a remote opt-in process, to test the most memorable statements and the most attractive images to complement the message. 6 concepts were tested, each one including a statement, a text explaining the concept, and the images related to the campaign.

Here are some of our tools to test their emotional responses:

Eye-tracking: Reviewing viewers’ attention levels and eye fixations.
Facial coding: Analyzing viewers’ reactions and specific, second by second, emotions.
Content tagging: Connecting those reactions to specific creative elements in the mood board.

We complement this information with their rational responses through personalized surveys. In this part of the process, metrics like Brand Recall (probability of participants to recall the brand), Definite Interest (probability of participants to purchase the product), Virality Scale (their assessment of enjoyment, message clarity, relevancy, originality, and differentiators), and Content attributes (colors, images, typography type and size, text distribution, among others) are evaluated.

This combined information allows brands to prioritize the qualities they are looking for. What is more important? To get shares or to get people to remember the main message? This is up for the brand to decide. Another option is to make corrections to include both qualities in one concept. An analysis of all results will help brands achieve this mix: including the best of all concepts, removing the worst of each.

Ready to test your next campaign’s concept? Learn more about our AI-powered content testing platform!

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