The key to personalized content: data-based Buyer Personas and dynamic demographic filters

Buyer Personas are the heart of marketing campaigns and content creation, and knowing your audience (and how to accurately speak to them) is the one piece of advice that marketers cannot ignore. Of course, better research means deeper insights about your audience, effective communication, and a natural increase in sales. So what is the most innovative way of getting to know your audience right now?

How technology can improve your Buyer Personas knowledge
Market research is moving beyond the focus group to reach bigger audiences. Remote content testing is now becoming the norm for top brands, and this new reach and scope of online data collection increases the validity of the insights. Combine this with insights about emotional and attention patterns, and you have the foundation and shape of your Buyer Personas.

After testing hundreds of targeted viewers, you can find specific differences between them. And the characteristics that they all share to create a distinct image. In addition to knowing their general descriptions and interest, biometric technology allows you to consider their main emotional patterns: what they love, what makes them sad, what makes them excited, and much more.

Speak the emotional language of your audience
Understanding different generations in marketing is not an easy task. From Baby Boomers to Gen Z, generalizations only bring a limited perspective that inevitably flattens personalities and increases the likelihood of making mistakes. Why not go deeper than that?

From streaming platforms and entertainment companies to thriving retail companies, every brand (and its content) needs to evolve along with its audience. So when a piece of content is successful, you naturally want to recreate that success and build on it in the future. Of course, you cannot do the same thing next time. You may intuitively use the same character and location but switch up the music and storyline, only to find that you cannot reproduce the positive reactions you got before. What happened?

Well, you only used generalizations instead of analyzing what truly hooked and compelled your audience. The good news is, you can start optimizing your content creation right now. Speed up the trial and error process and move beyond traditional focus groups and A/B testings.

How Synapbox can help
Our content testing platform uses biometric technology to analyze hundreds of targeted viewers’ emotional reactions as they engage with the content. We do this 100% remotely, in an opt-in process that brings agility & data-depth to market research. Some of our tools are Eye-tracking (Reviewing viewers’ attention levels and eye fixations), Facial coding: (Analyzing viewers’ reactions and emotions), and Content tagging (Connecting those reactions to attributes like audio, visual elements, and areas of interest).

Ready to move beyond general demographic information about your audience? Check how you can use filters in Synapbox platform to get deeper insights about your audience and potential buyer personas:

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