How can brands now leverage technology to create attention grabbing content?

Almost all brands have a clear understanding of their target customer. However, understanding this is not necessarily enough to create effective content and advertising. The real challenge is measuring the impact of that content on consumers and finding out if the brand’s message is resonating with consumers.

There are increasing points of contact between brands and consumers, and companies need to understand how to gather relevant information at each of those contact points so they can connect with their consumers in the most efficient way possible. From social media and TV ads to point of purchase and promotional materials to packaging and product labels, brands need to craft the correct strategy to drive awareness and sales.

The journey companies experience for ideating, developing, and deploying content is getting more sophisticated. Technology allows cheaper and more accurate content creation, but this also means that creators need to be mindful of the quality of that content.

More content doesn’t necessarily mean more engagement or more brand love. That’s why companies need to put in place mechanisms to maintain high standards in content creation and testing.

Companies should focus on what they know how to do: providing the product or service they are known for and keep doing the things their customers love them for. But to keep and scale that relationship with customers a necessary component in today’s world is a mechanism to understand consumers, and the ability to act fast on changes in what they need and what they want.

In the past, it was enough to use a survey to know what consumers were thinking. Those days are gone. Brands need to have constant feedback on what consumers are thinking, but most importantly, on what consumers are feeling. It is not enough to know what is working and not working, it is crucial to also know the ‘why’.

Synapbox helps brands achieve this; we use A.I and biometric technologies to test and optimize content. It doesn’t matter if your company creates the best product or service, you also need to present it and communicate its message in the right way. Synapbox helps brands meet this challenge.

If you are a 100-year-old consumer company with a strong, beloved brand, or a startup trying to position in the market and showing to the world the amazing product you have built, you need to keep delivering that ‘love’ to your consumers in the correct way.

As consumer attention becomes increasingly scarce, it is more important than ever to deliver impactful content with the right message.

Here are some examples of business problems we have helped brands to solve through the understanding of consumer’s emotions, interactions, and opinions:

– Testing of digital videos, to understand if a non – alcoholic beer from a beloved brand will transmit the message and the intention of this new product in the right way.

– Package testing with a global CPG company, to understand if the redesign of their packages will resonate with their consumers and which elements inside the package are driving consumers attention, and if the product is driving attention in shelf simulation.

– Concept and storyboard A/B  testing to understand which version of a national TV campaign will transmit in the most optimal way the benefits of the product, and how it’s affecting the recall of the product Vs. its competitors.

– Point of purchase and trade marketing materials testing, to understand best practices on the best way to design a promotional poster and drive consumers’ attention and purchase intention in retailers spaces. 

– Digital Ads A/B testing to understand which version had a better CTA to drive app downloads:

Whether you need to measure the impact of your Ads, understand which parts of your content will amaze your viewers, or figure out how to design the perfect package, Synapbox is here to help you.

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