Slayin’ the Gen Z Game: A CPG Brand’s Guide to Those Zillennial Zs

Written By: Ben Hsieh, Co-Founder of Synapbox and boomer trying to sound like a Gen Z.

Listen up, brand managers and insights gurus – if you’re still struggling to connect with Gen Z, it’s time to get with the program. These Zillennials (the micro-gen between millennials and Gen Z) make up a massive $143B spending force in the US alone. Win their loyalty now and you’re talking decades of dank brand advocacy.

So how do you get these savvy digital natives to go full simp for your CPG brand? Here’s the tea:

  1. Insta-Bait on a New Level For Zillennials, the ‘gram is life. Like 95% of them use Instagram, YouTube and the newly-popping TikTok religiously. Smart move? Leverage their cult of micro-influencers – those up-and-comers with under 100K follows but mad street cred. Let these content creaters flex your brand the authentic way.

  2. Realness or Bust
    Gen Z can suss out a phony faster than you can say “bet.” They grew up all-digital, so cutting through the bull is hard-wired. Ditch the cringy celeb endos and lean into user-generated, behind-the-scenes looks at your brand. Be transparent about your values too – diversity, sustainability, social justice. Zillennials demand brands that walk the walk.

  3. Video Killed the Reels Star These Zoomers could binge-watch for days, with 80% calling themselves legit “TV marathoners.” Collab with streaming services and prime yourself for dope branded video moments. But keep those videos short, engaging, and on-trend. We’re talking snackable, shareable content gold.

  4. Catch ‘Em All Across Channels
    While the ‘gram is still Queen, Gen Z is an omnivorous cross-platform squad. Brands better have a Tik-tential, serving mid-level bangers on the newest social hubs. Experimental to the core, Zs will immerse in anything from aug-reality lenses to new content hovels still BTU.*

  5. Values = Value-Adds Gen Z ain’t about just collecting stuff – they’re the most civic-minded cohort yet and expect brands to bring those values. Talk is cheap though – put your money where your eco-conscious mouth is via legit sustainability commitments. Bonus points for tapping into social justice causes.

Bottom line – this generation is switched on, socially-aware, and more marketing-proof than any before it. But nail your authenticity game, speak their language, and rep their values hard, and you’ll be swimming in cult-like Zillennial brand adoration.

*BTU = Behind the Universe. Basically, unexplored digital hangouts soon to be Gen Z hotbeds. I’m so avec they’ll probs be over it by the time this goes to print tho.

Note from writer: Even tho wrote this article, it still gives me a headache when I read it over 👴🏻. Please reach out if you are selling to Gen Z and want to know what they really think about your brand.

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