Marketing Research Notice and Consent Form US

Last update 10/28/2020

Welcome to SYNAPBOX!

The purpose of this notice is to identify the information we collect as part of our marketing research study and to obtain your consent prior to this collection. This notice is also intended to identify our policies with regards to how we use, safeguard, and retain the information we collect as part of this study.

What Information Do We Collect?

As part of this study, we collect information related to your face geometry and eye gaze movement records, which may be regulated as biometric information under certain laws. We record your face throughout the video and analyze your facial expressions and eye gaze movements at different points to assess the video’s effectiveness at conveying its message. We also collect your answers to our survey questions, as well as your email address. We collect all of this information pursuant to your written consent below. 

How Do We Use and Share Your Information?

We aggregate the results of the studies we conduct and share those aggregated results with our clients so that they can understand the effectiveness of their videos. For example, we may share the fact that women laughed at a certain portion of the video more than men with our clients, as this may be useful information for them. 

Pursuant to your written consent below, we may share the videos we collect through this study (and the facial geometry information associated with them) with our vendors and service providers so that they can help us conduct our analysis and store this information. We may also share your email address with our client who is sponsoring the study so that they can contact you with follow up questions or provide you with a reward for participating.

We do not sell or lease the individual videos or facial geometry information we collect as part of this study with any third party, nor do we otherwise share this information with any third party, except as required by law. 

How Do We Protect Your Information?

We employ a reasonable standard of care, including physical, technical, and administrative procedures, to safeguard the personal information we collect through this study. These are the same safeguards we use to protect sensitive and confidential information that we collect in other contexts. However, no data security method 100% secure, and we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us, and you transmit such information at your own risk.

How Long Do We Retain Your Information?

We retain the videos and the facial geometry and eye gaze movement information that we collect as part of this study for a reasonable timeframe that allows us to analyze and aggregate the results of our study but not for a period longer than three years.  After this timeframe, we destroy this information, and we direct any vendors that we may have shared this information with to do the same.

You acknowledge that you have the right to request a copy of this notice and to revoke your consent at any time by contacting us at