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A content optimization platform to spot creative patterns that drive audience engagement.

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Access the power of content optimization

Synapbox has developed a scalable solution to understand consumer behavior at a granular level, in order to measure what works and understand why it does.

Automated object and message detection

Real time emotional response

Eye and attention tracking

Surveys and rational responses

Metrics that deliver results

Our methodology combines different layers of data to obtain a macro and micro understanding about your content performance with a targeted audience at scale.

Engagement & Storytelling

Understand the level of engagement and connection of your audience with the story behind your content.

Brand performance

Understand if your content is creating recall and association with your brand and your communication goals.

Message performance

Understand if your content is persuading your audience and is communicating the right message.

Layout and creative structure

Understand how the design, layout, and creative elements are impacting the performance of your content.

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Validate the ROI of your content with real consumers before launch.

Here’s How it Works

Only 3 easy steps to get actionable insights

Test any type of image or video and understand their performance with your targeted consumers. Receive accurate data about your content and campaigns performance to maximize ROI.

Step 1

Upload your content

Upload the videos and images you want to test and add any survey question you need to gather deeper consumer understanding. All this within a click.

Step 2

Collect and analyze

We provide remote data collection with a reach of over 60 million potential participants across 70 countries. Test your content with consumers in their natural environment.

Step 3

Get actionable insights

Get actionable insights about your content performance across our four categories of analysis. Access customized dashboards that will give you a granular view of each tested content and a general understanding of the patterns that are affecting your content performance.

Use Cases

3x Consumer readability and persuasion on images with specific creative elements.

Acquisition Performance

Working with a leading ride-hailing company we identified which Ads provided higher emotional arousal and how this was directly correlated to a lower acquisition cost on every distribution channel. This finding plus other actionable insights on image composition help them get a better performance of their acquisition strategies.

1.2B Millennial engagement discovered with specific video elements.

Advertisement Campaigns

Collaborating with the no.1 video sharing platform, we tested the top ad performers with Millenials and found how video length, music, and scene composition directly affected viewer engagement through their biometric and rational responses.

2.7x Higher audience engagement with the recommended type of placements.

Branded Content Strategies

We measured the engagement of different audience demographics with a top beverage brand on the positioning of content on a popular Netflix show and found out how specific placement types can provide up to 2.7 times more engagement than others.

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